‘Bra-vo! A cheerful show’ The sydney morning herald       * * *       ‘There’s something in it for practically anyone; male, female, or she-male’ Australian stage online       * * *      'The atmosphere of sisterhood celebration was palpable...and is likely to follow for a while yet' The daily telegraph       * * *       ‘It stands, proudly, squarely, justifiably, and admirably, on its own two feet and extends the genre into ground I don't think it's occupied before. And that's really something.’ Australian stage online       * * *       ‘This is a wonderful feel-good piece of theatre that provokes as well as entertains’ ozbabyboomers.com       * * *       ‘Mammaries are made of this...and I think it's going to inspire some comparable, homegrown ventures. of course, whether they manage to be comparably good remains to be seen’ Australian stage online       * * *       ‘The man in front of me was laughing fit to bust, as were most people of both sexes’ The australian       * * *       ‘delightful humour, absolute veracity and genuine compassion’   ozbabyboomers.com       * * *       ‘slick, mostly funny, but also very real’ ArtsSound FM       * * *       'a witty and heart-warming journey of courage and determination. It bloody well is, too’ Australian stage online       * * *       ‘Cheeky, light-hearted and occasionally poignant’ The canberra times‘It very much lives up to its subtitle of being “an uplifting musical”, and should be high on the must-see list of all thinking females and males’ ozbabyboomers.com       * * *       ‘It resonates with the audience….a crowd pleaser’ The canberra Times       * * *       ‘it's worth the price of admission, and then some’ Australian stage online       * * *       ‘we’ve had Menopause…, but breast Wishes is by far the best’ Stage whispers       * * *       ‘hits its target audience with a whopping great big bang’ Stage Whispers       * * *       ‘Uplifting, and joyous, and funny, and ultimately moving’ Stage Whispers       * * *      

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